• 3 Fall Fashion Trends That Never Go Out of Style

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    The very nature of fashion is ever-evolving. One of the things we love about fashion is that it’s a living and breathing entity, and trends come and go on a sometimes-weekly basis. But there are certain pieces that are always en vogue, no matter the month, the season, or the year. These items are our go-tos that always get us through. They’re classic and versatile. These are the few pieces that only get better with time. The next best thing will go out of favor just as quickly as it arrived on the scene, but these three fall fashion trends will last forever:

    • The LBD
      A staple in nearly any wardrobe, the Little Black Dress is a must. Hemlines may lengthen or shorten and silhouettes may change, but a good LBD can last as long as you let it. Coco Chanel may not have inve Continue Reading