Month: September 2016

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5 Signs You Might Be a Hipster

Hipsters are the cool kids we love to hate. Even hipsters hate on hipsters. But what really is a hipster? Can the style be defined? Maybe not, but we?ve tried. Here are five signs you might be a hipster. None of your clothes can be bought at the mall. Your collection of 5 panel hats, […]

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Understanding All About Laptop Radiation

Are you looking to learn more about laptop radiation and the harmful effects? Well, like so many others, you may have been naive to the fact that these laptops radiate a lot of heat and radiation is a byproduct of the heat pressure and tech inside laptops. What is Laptop Radiation and Is It Serious? […]

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City Walkers The Best Shoes for Hitting the Pavement

Walking, it comes as no surprise, is the most popular aerobic activity there is. As many as six in 10 adults report walking 10 minutes or more in the past week. But not all types of walking are the same. When you go hiking in the woods, for example, you obviously want good trail walking […]

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Protective Work Boots The Basics You Should Look For

Some jobs are more dangerous than others — after all, not all people work office jobs. For that matter, many people don’t want to work office jobs! With that being said, you can’t work if you’re hurt. Your feet, perhaps, are the most vulnerable parts of your body when you’re working in a hazardous environment. […]

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Leather The Perfect Material for Your Style

Why choose leather? Leather is classic, durable, and stylish. Products like leather belts for men, leather jackets, and leather totes for women are among the most versatile pieces you can add to your wardrobe ? these simple, elegant pieces are easy to dress up or down for special occasions or everyday use. Leather has been […]

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Reasons to Use Linen Sheets and Ways to Care for Them

Linen is a popular fabric. It is soft, yet durable. Linen is made from fibers of the flax plant. Flax plant fibers are some of the strongest in nature. They can be up to three times stronger than other materials such as cotton. This is because of the friction resistance of the flax fibers. Use […]

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Care for Your Fine Leather Goods with These 6 Tips

Leather items are very popular around the globe. At any given point in time, the average consumer can be found wearing four pieces of leather. Fine leather goods make for great gifts and the apparel items are a good quality and look fantastic. Leather jackets have been popular since the public saw people like General […]

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