Reasons to Use Linen Sheets and Ways to Care for Them

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Linen is a popular fabric. It is soft, yet durable. Linen is made from fibers of the flax plant. Flax plant fibers are some of the strongest in nature. They can be up to three times stronger than other materials such as cotton. This is because of the friction resistance of the flax fibers. Use of these fibers dates back nearly 9,000 years. In about 200 BC, “Woven Wind” (linen) was cherished by the Egyptian people. Since then linen has been used for clothes, sheets and other items.

Linen is also a unique fabric in a lot of ways. Linen sheets and attire become softer each time they are washed but despite this, it does not lose its original shape or stretch. There are other reasons to pick linen sheets. Some great reasons to use linen bed sheets are:

  • Linen filters differently than other fabrics. It is hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria and is good for absorbing moisture and allowing it to evaporate without reaching the skin when worn or used as bed sheets. Linen sheet sets are great for people who have skin problems or children with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • It handles different temperatures well. It has a great ability to conduct heat and is very permeable for air. The fact that it is so breathable, it can keep people cool in the summer and then warm in the winter.
  • This is a very absorbent fabric. It is possible for products made from linen to take in nearly 20% of its weight in moisture before the material feels wet. Linen sheets always feel cool and fresh, even after a night of being slept on.
  • The texture of linen is very comfortable. Microscopic breaks that can be found throughout the material give it a light massaging feel. The material also has a very unique and comfortable feel and texture. As was mentioned, it becomes softer every time it is washed.
  • Linen bedding is good for the environment. It is totally biodegradable. There are a lot of ways flax plants are useful. Their seeds are often pressed and made into linseed oil and used for paint and linoleum.
  • It stays clean. Linen sheets can repel dirt making them stay clean longer and require less maintenance.
  • Linen sheets are durable. They will last at least twice as long as cotton sheets. It is possible for sheets made from linen to last at least a decade.

Tips for Caring for Your Linen Sheets:

  • Read and follow the instructions. The linen sheets should come with instructions from the manufacturer for the proper washing and drying of the products. These should be followed to the letter. Different linen manufacturers use different kinds of stitching and types of dye. Both of these will change the best way for the sheets to be cleaned and dried.
  • Test before you clean. Before you throw your sheets in the washer, test the detergent you are going to use on a section of your sheets to make sure there are no problems with it.
  • Avoid any color brighteners. You should not clean your linen sheets with any detergents or bleaches that have any color brighteners. The chemicals in color brighteners can weaken the linen fabric and discolor the sheets.
  • Wash with other items that are colored similarly. Use the delicate cycle of your washing machine, a mild detergent, only lukewarm or cold water and put the linen sheets in with items that have similar colors. Make sure you rinse out any soapy residue. The more water is in the cycle with your linen sheets, the better. That mans you should not overload the machine.
  • Air dry when possible. If you have a line and can hang your linen sheets, that will help keep them from wrinkling. Otherwise, using a low temperature to tumble dry the sheets will help cut down on the amount of wrinkles you get.
  • Remove wrinkles as soon as you notice them. The longer they are allowed to remain, the harder they will be to get out.

Linen is a unique fabric that has been around a very long time and has many uses, such as to make bed sheets. They are extremely comfortable and easier to take care of than you may think.


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