5 Signs You Might Be a Hipster

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Hipsters are the cool kids we love to hate. Even hipsters hate on hipsters. But what really is a hipster? Can the style be defined? Maybe not, but we?ve tried. Here are five signs you might be a hipster.

  1. None of your clothes can be bought at the mall. Your collection of 5 panel hats, vintage bowties, and ironic t-shirts can only be found in the depths of thrift store barrels and obscure online apparel stores. No one knows where you?ve come from and you?re proud that your personal style can?t be classified. In fact, you can?t remember the last time you stepped foot in a mall, and you?d certainly never be caught dead near something as mainstream as a Forever21 or American Eagle. Some of your best stuff is found when you shop supreme clothing online.
  2. You spend more time combing your beard than your hair. No matter what anyone says, you are a true urban lumberjack at heart. It?s not a trend; it?s a way of life, and it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain your grizzly appearance.
  3. You know all the ways to tie a scarf. Scarves are not just a practical winter accessory; they are a fashion statement to be made all year round. Just as there are many different scarf materials, there are seemingly endless ways to wrap, toss, and tie them. You are a scarf connoisseur, and you know just how to rock each one like a boss.
  4. Your sense of irony is stronger than your morals. You love t-shirts that make a statement, even when you?re not totally sure what that statement is. Who cares? An ironic t-shirt can be ironic in so many ways. Maybe it?s ironic that you don?t get the irony? That works.
  5. It looks like every subculture threw up on you. You love skateboard culture, so you shop supreme clothing online. You?re a total Rastafarian, so you?ve got the mesh shirt under your oxford cloth button-down your dad bought you from Brooks Brothers. You saw Kanye wearing a scarf, so you?re rocking the same one. Your style is a total mashup and somehow you wear it well.

Do any of the above apply to you? Let us know in the comments section below!
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