Month: November 2017

Clothing donations
Donating clothing to charity
Military donations

How Your Clothing Donations Help Military Families

Di you know that of the roughly 2 million tons of used clothing Americans recycle each year, less than half is ever worn again? Americans are caught up in the idea of buying new clothing for work, going out, and other special events. In the 1930s, women owned about 9 outfits, and today, women own […]

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Custom tattoo backs
Metallic temporary tattoo
Metallic temporary tattoos

Want To Create The Best Birthday Party Yet? Try Setting Up A Temporary Tattoo Booth

When it’s someone’s birthday, there are a lot of ways that you can make the day more special for them. You can order them a birthday tee that they can wear on their birthday so that the day feels more special. You can also order a fun birthday decoration online so that the person knows […]

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High visibility button down shirts
Safety rain apparel

How To Stay Safe As A Construction Worker With The Proper Workwear

The average person may walk 10,000 steps a day, but a construction worker can walk more than 30,000. It is very important for construction workers to have the right workwear to ensure their personal safety. This is why its very important to make sure that all construction workers have the right kind of footwear to […]

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custom jeweler
Fashion jewelry
Fine jewelry
Good jewelers
Jewelry design

5 Jewelry Care Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Valuables

If you or your loved one has visited a custom jeweler to design your wedding rings or other types of jewelry, you’ll understand the care and expense that goes into each piece. But just because a diamond is the hardest substance known to man — it ranks as a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale […]

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