4 Management Tips for First Time Spa Owners

One of the greatest ways to truly unwind is by visiting a nearby spa. In fact, statistics from the International Spa Association shows that there are nearly 17,000 day spas currently in operation within the United States. With that in mind, it makes sense that you would want to learn how to have your spa to stand out from the others in your area. Considering that, here are four management tips for those new to owning a spa business.

  1. Spend Adequate Time on Training

    One of the most important spa management tips is to provide new hires with a quality training program. You never want to rush the training process. However, it’s likely that employees are going to want to ruffle feathers and speak out about flaws in the training process. This creates a major problem for not only salons but many other business types. Employees that feel rushed through training are often unprepared for real life situations. In turn, this could leave customers questioning the quality of your spa. It’s better to take too much time training awesome employees than not enough time with less than stellar spa workers.
  2. Invest in Professional Spa Equipment

    While opening a business, you might be tempted to cut corners. That being said, your spa equipment needs to remain of the highest quality. Statistics from 2016 found that nearly 179 million people throughout the United States visited a spa. Considering that statistic, these spa patrons are likely to view the condition of your equipment as an extension of the spa itself. The last thing you want is to have patrons think less of your business because you’ve purchased inferior spa supplies. Considering that, you’ll want to ensure your spa business is partnered with a professional equipment supplier.
  3. Offer Full Packages for Guests

    While dining, you’ve likely been tempted by a sampler option. A sampler is a menu item that is made up of smaller portions of popular dishes, allowing you to sample each item. This allows hungry diners to experience one of everything without having to make up their minds. You’ll find that this same concept can be applied to your spa. Consider offering packages that allow guests to try each of the services offered by your business. With that in mind, you’ll certainly want to consider ordering massage equipment for your spa. Statistics show that anywhere between 43.8 to 57.6 million adults in the United States had at least one massage between 2015 and 2016.
  4. Consider Starting Email Promotions

    Many consumers find themselves always monitoring activity on their phones or tablets. Considering that, you can use this to your advantage. While it’s true that most spas operate on a membership basis, there is another way to create an added sense of exclusivity among your clientele. With that in mind, consider having your customers sign up to join an exclusive email club. Once a customer has given you their email address, you can also inform them of upcoming sales and specials. You don’t want to spam your clients with an email each day. However, feel free to send out emails about new specials or sales when you’re needing to drum up a bit of extra business.

In conclusion, it’s understandable to want to become the best spa manager possible. It’s wise to want to learn tips in order to provide spa customers with the best experience. One of the most important aspects of managing a successful spa lies within the types of spa equipment you own. It’s also great to find a supplier that provides spa supplies in addition to equipment. Spa supplies are items including facial, hair, and eyebrow products. Partnering with a quality supplier helps to ensure that you receive professional spa supplies in a fast and efficient manner.

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