A Simple Guide to Shopping Online for the Best Western Fashion and Accessories

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The cowboy: is there anything more quintessentially American? Dating back to the 19th century as the United States expanded west, the cowboy look was made for rugged terrain and outdoor labor. Today, this style is known the world over. Although emulated by many, western fashion is only something that a few get right. However, you can if you know exactly what you’re looking for — especially when shopping online for great deals and the best brands.

What should you be keeping in mind as you shop for the best western fashion and western fashion accessories? Here are three things that everyone should know about getting this look just right:

    1. Choose quality over quantity: It may be easy to go in for the cheap stuff because you can buy more of it, but this tends to be a rookie mistake. Instead of buying cheap — and disposable — western clothing, look for staple pieces that will last you in your wardrobe. One place where you’ll want to focus on quality is boots, which are essential in any western wear wardrobe. However, jeans may also be just as important for you, especially if you’re planning on using them for outdoor work or other labor.

    2. Pay attention to brand name: Sure, labels aren’t everything when it comes to fashion, but some brands have more clout in the world of western fashion than others do. For example, Cinch, Ariat, Tin Haul, and Tony Lama rank among some of the best western fashion brands in the country; however, there are many more out there. In many cases, for example, the best cowboy boots will come from known western brand names. It’s up to you which one you choose, but if you’re going for authenticity, then be wary of brands that don’t normally cater to western wear enthusiasts.

    3. Less is more: You don’t have to look like a Rhinestone Cowboy if you’re looking for the best western fashion. You can get away with accessorizing rather than going overboard, unless that’s something you really enjoy. Pick out a good pair of designer western jeans or an everyday pair of cowboy boots.

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