Camouflage is Cool!

Camouflage pants

Camouflage is considered the coolest and hippest trend in fashion today. No longer is camouflage reserved for the army of servicemen. Camouflage is now part of the look for almost everything. We have camo clothing, camo bedding, camo purses, camo formal attire, and even camo bathing suits! With so many things imprinted with the camouflage look, we must begin to wonder what it is about this tie dye looking design that is attracting some of the biggest names in fashion to want to flaunt it. In addition to this, we must take into account what it is about camouflage that is making the ordinary people in the world want to wear it in their appearance and decorate their home with it is as well. This may very well be part of the phenomenon of fashion, and how we are incorporating looks that are reserved for certain titles and persons and finding a way to bring them to the ordinary citizen. This is what makes camouflage so unique. It was the fact that many people could not get their hands on it, that we found that fashion icons are now finding ways to utilize it anyways. Now if someone were to wear camouflage from head to toe, then that would be weird. But now days, a little camouflage here or there isn’t a bad thing!

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