Designing a Country Girl Bedroom

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Camouflage has its obvious uses. It’s used by all branches of the U.S. military in some form to disguise soldiers, battleships, tanks and equipment and appears in the animal kingdom where it helps animals like the flat-tail horned lizard to match surroundings and confuse predators. Aside from practical use, camouflage has also been adopted for fashion purposes, first hitting the scene in the U.S. in the 1980s. Especially popular among hunting fanatics, it appears on bathing suits, clothing items, and in weddings and home decor.

Many a young adolescent girl has chosen to adopt the camouflage trend with a twist. Pink camouflage bedding is incredibly popular, and camo bedding sets are undoubtedly on plenty of Christmas lists this season. Pink camouflage bedding sets are best complemented by rooms that embody the feminine country theme. Here, we’ll look at a few ways to make pink camouflage bedding work in your daughter’s room.


The key here is woodsy, and what’s more woodsy than, well, wood? Pink camouflage bedding looks its best on a roughly hewn bed, perhaps even one featuring reclaimed barnwood. Look online for ways to create your own fabulous barnwood headboard. The same goes for the rest of the room’s furniture. Look for bookshelves, desks, dressers, and other furniture that is reminiscent of the forest.

Wall Color

You’re going to be tempted to go with the same shade of pink that’s in the pink camouflage bedding, but I would advise against it. Instead, go with a lovely taupe, or maybe even a duskier version of the pink in the bedspread, like a dusty rose or a mauve. Too much pink in the room will be overwhelming.


Keep with the theme by adding some antlers, perhaps incorporated into a chandelier, lamp base, or simply as wall decor. Hunting rifle themed decor is also a good option for wall decor or as a lamp base. Obviously, don’t put a loaded or functional hunting rifle into a child’s room, however.

Pink camouflage bedding is a cute way to make a country girl statement in your little girl’s room. Decorate accordingly and you’re sure to have a room your little one will love. Read more about this topic at this link.

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