Find the Right Wallet For You

Modern teenagers and adults alike need to carry cash, cards, and other items with them during everyday life, and wallets are there to help keep everything organized and safe. Wallets come in an impressive variety nowadays, from an easy access wallet to a money clip all the way to a carbon fiber card wallet or even a credit card wallet. Different models exist for holding different items, and personal taste and need can also affect what kind of easy access wallet a person might buy for themselves. Wallets are a staple for men to carry their cash and cards in a pocket, and many women also have an easy access wallet, which they typically place in their purses. Sometimes, wallets wear out or go out of fashion, and a person may decide that the time has come for a new easy access wallet in their inventory. What kinds of options might today’s customer browse? And how does an easy access wallet fit into modern trends of cash and card transportation, anyway? This is a bigger deal than some may realize, and the market for accessories like wallets is plenty big today.

Credit Card Safety

One reason to invest in a good wallet is to protect one’s credit or debit cards. After all, it is tragically common for people today to become the victims of identity theft; that is, when their credit card information is spied upon and stolen, and a person may end up seeing someone else spend their money. In the year 2017 alone, nearly 16.7 million identity fraud victims had their identities stolen, and about 16.8% of all identity theft fraud causes in that year were listed as credit card fraud. Tens of millions of American adults spend their money in person or online with credit and debit cards, which can be flexible and convenient, but the downside is the risk of identity theft. Cunning identity thieves will conceive of ways to steal someone else’s digital finances, which range from taking a photo of a sranger’s credit card all the way to actually stealing the card itself. No one wants to fall victim to such a crime, so credit cards should be secured safely, along with cash. A good wallet can handle that.

The Right Wallet

More than one model of wallet exists. All of them have the same basic function of storing cash or cards, but different types go about this differently. Some of the more slender, minimalist wallets are really pocket clips, which can hold a number of plastic cards in a tight fit. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal cards or see the information on them, and some of these clips may hold a limited quantity of paper bills as well. It should be noted, though, that such clips are not able to hold coins, and they might be awkward for carrying larger documents such as checks. Paper bills folded in half may take up room fast in a clip, while just a few cards in a clip can do the job.

A false or real leather wallet may fold in half or in thirds, and these are among the most common wallets and may be the first thing a person pictures when they hear “wallet.” Such wallets do not have a tight clip for keeping cards or cash in them, and they can get bulky of too many cards or bills are placed inside them. On the other hand, they are useful for carrying cash and coins, and some of them even have a clear plastic pocket for storing a card that may be displayed often, such as a driver’s license or a passport. These wallets can be luxury items and reflect the owner’s personal taste, being made of different shades of real or false leather. Such wallets may wear out over time, depending on how they are treated. And finally, another model of wallet is a tall, upright wallet that is ideal for carrying checks and passports. These wallets may be a bit big for everyday use, but they are useful for those who often visit foreign nations and need a place for their traveler’s checks and passport. Such wallets may also be made from false or real leather.

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