How to Increase the Chance That You’ll Make a Positive First Impression at Work

Casual mens pants

Mens business attire has changed over the years. According to a 2016 survey conducted with senior managers, 47% of these professionals believed that their employees dressed “too casually.” Furthermore, 50% also stated that 5 years ago, mens business attire was more formal than it is today.

Given the results of this survey, it seems clear that many senior managers would prefer that their employees wear more professional attire. While it will usually depend on the type of business being conducted as well as the company’s overall culture, this may range from employees wearing casual business wear to high quality mens suits.

Men over 18, tend to spend more money than women on their clothes. On a monthly basis, a 2016 study showed that men spent $10.00 more, on average, than did women. Menswear spending averaged $85.00 a month during that year.

When it comes to online shopping, Business Insider found that many men prefer it to shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar store. The results of this survey showed that 40% of the males participants between 18 and 34 actually preferred to shop online. Chances are that this is the result of busy schedules along with the ease of shopping online.

For men that want to update their wardrobe to include top men’s clothing brands, such as premium mens suits, it makes sense to shop at a store where they are able to purchase well-fitting suits and dress shirts. Since many young men may not be aware of what looks and fits best on them, a mens personal shopper can assist them with creating a professional look that will potentially please their senior managers.

Even though trends in mens business wear may have changed, there are still positions where dressing more professionally is not only expected, but required. Psychology studies show first impressions are formed within 17 seconds of meeting someone. Furthermore, 55% of this first impression is based on that person’s physical appearance, which includes how they’re dressed as well as personal grooming. Given this, when employees dress accordingly, it can show that they care about making a positive first impression and potentially contribute to their success.

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