No One Wants To Smell Like A Smoker

E cig refill liquid

Smoking related diseases cause an estimated 440,000 American deaths each year. By using an e cigarette you can tone down your cravings and still enjoy the feel of nicotine and holding a cigarette without the dangers of smoking an actual cigarette. By using an e cigarette made in the USA you can save yourself the feeling of knowing that you are doing something that is hurting your body.

When you are using an e cigarette buying a supply of e cig refill liquid is important. You can reuse the actual e cig and just replace the e cig liquid. In addition to the fact that smoking destroys your lungs it also has other negative side effects. Smelling like cigarettes is horrible. Non smokers, especially, do not want to be around someone that smells like cigarettes. Instead of letting your clothes reek of the gross cigarette smell using an e cig with flavored nicotine liquid can be much more enjoyable and less annoying for you.

In addition to the smell and the health affects, being a smoker will make your health insurance sky rocket. About 150 billion dollars of health care money are spent on the effects of smoking habits. Good references here.

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