Practical Online Shopping Tips

Many sites and blogs these days can offer you tips for online shopping. Topics include online security, bargain hunting, markup concerns, and merchandise fraud. But few articles delve into the real nuts and bolts of online shopping, and how to make it as effective as it can be. Look no further, your online shopping salvation is here.

First and foremost, get a comfy chair. The chair is often the most overlooked of online shopping tips, but can truly make or break the experience. Armrests are always a good idea, as is a suitable cushiness of seat, but never neglect the age old “to swivel or not to swivel” question, which has a direct effect on how you idle. Good lumbar support is recommended, but not required, as you should always be leaning intently forward as you shop for bargains. Posture is key.

If a chair is not available, or you simply need a change in scenery, several options present themselves. Try the “whatcha thinkin about” position, lying on your stomach, elbows propped, and feet crossed and swinging slowly through the air. The beanbag chair is always a classic, if you are willing to sit cross legged (as required by beanbag law). However, in rare cases it may be permissible to drape yourself over the beanbag on your stomach, to alleviate any undue back strain caused by excessive time spent in the “whatcha thinkin about” pose. Check your beanbag manufacturer website for legal ramifications.

Food and beverages may be consumed while shopping online, but placement is key. You should never have to reach across the keyboard. Maintain optimal efficiency by placing frequently accessed foods (such as nachos or popcorn) closest to your dominant hand and closest to the computer, while beverages or dips should go on the same side but slightly further away. Place credit cards and cell phones either on your non dominant side or directly in front of your keyboard.

And finally, clothing is always a tricky subject. Most tips for online shopping will jauntily tell you that clothing is optional, but nothing could be further from the truth. Pajama pants are obviously the comfortable choice, but beware of air flow and pocket accessibility. Cargo pants may offer you more storage solutions, but their feasibility depends on your preferred shopping position (granola bars in a front pocket are less comfortable when on your stomach). A well loved and comfortable shirt is essential to successful online shopping, and will help to put you “in the zone” when hunting for deals.

So there you have it. The first truly useful list of tips for online shopping success. Spread the word.

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