Proper Care and Storage of Table Skirts and Drapes for Events

If you are in the event planning business, you are probably wondering how to keep table skirts safe. However, this is not the only challenge that you might be facing. There are a considerable number of even planners how frequently ignore the basic steps of proper disassembling, storage and setting up of event equipment such as table skirts and table drapes being used. Lack of proper storage and setting up of these equipment often leads to a disastrous planning of events in an industry that is characterized by cut throat competition. With proper planning and care however, your dilemma will no longer be how to keep table skirts safe but; how to improve the planning process of your next event. Ideally, you will be dealing with things like table skirting clips, napkins, fitted tablecloths and table linens. All these items need proper storage for the next event and here is how to do it.

Consider the Material Used for Table Cloths
When trying to figure out how to keep table skirts safe, you need to factor in the material used for the table covers. You should at no given time apply bleach directly onto the fabric of the table skirts or cloths. The fabric of tablecloths and table skirts is mostly burlap fabric or faux burlap fabric. Applying detergent directly onto the soft fabric can easily damage it not forgetting that the cleaning process should also be done under some controlled conditions such as the use of cold water instead of warm water. If you are dealing with cotton fabric, the table covers should never be washed in cold water. Generally, cotton shrinks when exposed to very high temperatures. After washing, cotton tablecloths and covers should be air dried and should never be machine dried. The same guidelines should also apply for nylon fabric. When it comes to polyester tablecloths and table skirts, there are always the recommended temperatures that you should expose the fabric too. Just like cotton, polyester can easily get damaged under extreme temperatures.

Table Runners and Hanging Banners
Ideally, most events will be centered along a common theme. It could be a wedding, a business conference or a trade show. Whether you are setting up your stand or have an event organizer on standby to do it for you, the material used for table covers and hanging banners determines how these items are cleaned and stored. Banners for example or designed for marketing purposes. They often carry some information about the brand such as the company logo for brand identification. Whereas most banners and table runners will contain instructions on how to wash them, the process varies just a little bit from how you wash ordinary fabric. Vigorous cleaning is not recommended as this will erase the logo and brand identification information displayed on them.

Conference Table Skirts
You will often encounter many different opinions on how to keep table skirts safe. Table skirts are commonly found in corporate events and have to be clipped to the rims of the table after a clean tablecloth has been placed on top. Table skirt clips are used to hold the table skirts in place. When dealing with professional events, everything about you has to look professional. This is because; some of these events are used to showcase your brand, organizational skills and management capabilities. To achieve these goals, there is no compromise with regards to how you store your conferencing skirts. The plastic clips for example can easily get lost during setting up of the event or when disassembling the venue after the event. Since you will definitely need these items again, store them in a plastic bucket and always have some spare clips for emergency situations.

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