Style Guide for Mens T Shirts

T shirts are a basic item that can be found in every man’s wardrobe. The most important factor when selecting a flattering t shirt is the fit. The proper fit can compliment every body type.

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However, a carelessly selected shirt with an improper fit can turn your style from laidback to unflattering and sloppy.

To find a t shirt that fits like a glove, start with the shoulders. The seam should sit at the edge of your shoulder right where the bone ends. Next, make sure the t shirt fits well in the neck. For a crew neck, it should fit snuggly as long as it isn’t too tight. Opting for a v neck can help emphasize your chest. Now check the fit in the chest area. In general, a close fit looks good on everyone, as long as it doesn’t create horizontal lines when you stretch. Don’t forget to check how wide and how long the sleeves are to flatter your biceps.

The right brand is also important to keep in mind. Shirts that are the same size will fit slightly differently depending on the brand. Also pay attention to laundry instructions as shrinking your t shirts in the dryer will ruin their fit.

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