The Politics of Hair Styling

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Odds are that you’re one of the millions of women who have gone to hair salons and gotten their hair cut, styled, and/or dyed, but do you remember what you got or why you went? Believe it or not, research has found the common reasons why women go to hair salons and what it is that they get. Here are just a few of the things it found.

Women Get New Cuts Usually to Mark an Occasion. – As the old saying goes, “new year, new me.” Research has found that women typically get haircuts to mark a special occasion. Granted, 44% of women have said that they’ve changed their hairstyle just because they were bored, and 61% have admitted to changing their hairstyle just for the sake of a change, but that’s not the only reason why. Almost one-third of women have gotten a new cut after a breakup or divorce; 15% got a new look before or after giving birth; 16% got a new cut or color to mark a special birthday; 38% switched up their hair style to feel more confident; and 25% — one in four — changed their hair style to “reinvent” themselves.

Women Dye Their Hair All the Time. – Women change their hair color more times than you might think, believe it or not. In fact, over the years, most women will experiment with three different colors, with one in four changing their hair color as many as five times. Interestingly, dark brown is the preferred choice of hair color for more than half (56%) of women.

Women Ask For Advice For Good Reasons. – With so much cutting and dyeing going on, it’s only natural that nearly three-quarters — almost three in four — of women have regretted at least one of their hairstyles. Perhaps that’s why more than half (56%) have said that they would seek the advice of their stylist about hairstyles for short hair, long hair, dark hair, or whatever type of hair they have before taking the big leap of faith.

Be it regular little boutiques down the street or full service hair salons, these are the types of hair cuts, styles, and dyes that women are getting. If you have any questions about this research on hair care services, or know of any other fascinating points, feel free to share in the comments.

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