The Top Resource for Unwanted Gold and Silver

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Experts estimate that humans have mined over 166,600 tons of gold throughout the history of the world. Of course, it is impossible to know that for sure, because there are many centuries and cultures for which no written records exist. Therefore, we should all take such a claim with a grain of salt. Regardless of it’s accuracy, civilizations all around the world have been exchanging gold for centuries, because people recognized the rarity of gold, silver, and other rare natural resources early on.

Today, it seems like there is a store on every corner with a big sign exclaiming that they want to buy gold and silver, if you actually have any gold and silver for sale. Since more than half of all gold mined in the United States goes into the production of jewelry, the bulk of the gold and silver these stores purchase consist of jewelry and watches. Considering the poor economy, gold and silver buyers usually get a good deal on silver and gold for sale, because the people selling it are usually desperate for cash.

If you’ve ever wondered how these gold and silver shops can make money this way, that is your answer. Gold and silver dealers bank on finding money-strapped people who are willing to part with their valuables for far less than their market value so they can either pay their bills, or simply have some extra cash for beer. This is similar to what the United States does during bad economic times, as investing in precious metals offers far more stability than other types of currency that rely solely on faith than actual value.

By investing in gold coins for sale in the United States, the average return on investment is over 130%. Thus, buying from citizens with gold for sale is even more profitable, because people who are selling their gold jewelry are either desperate to for cash, know nothing about the actual value of their jewlery, or both. This makes it a win-win situation for those who deal in gold, silver, and other precious metals.


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