The Top Three Compelling Reasons to Get Married Soon

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Many people are engaged, and some remain engaged for a significant period of time in a sort of quasi-state of unofficial togetherness. Here are three reasons you might want to consider tying the knot sooner rather than later:

1. Engagements Have a Typical Length

While there is no official finite end to the period of an engagement — the family antique platinum engagement rings certainly won’t expire — it is generally understood that a couple that has been engaged for a significant period of time should, eventually, get married. After all, that is what they are engaged to do in the first place. The average engagement lasts a little less than fifteen months. While there isn’t any rule that you must get married by then, certainly friends and family will begin to exert some amount of social pressure by that point, so it may be easier to avoid it by making the decision of your own accord.

2. Rings Don’t Get Cheaper

The fact of that matter is that diamond prices simply are not going down in the foreseeable future. The average price of a diamond engagement ring today is north of five thousand dollars, and it it is getting steeper. Whether they are diamond earrings for women or diamond cuff bracelets for men, the price of this stone is only going to go up. Buying into a wedding ring sooner rather than later can actually save you money by circumventing the process of inflation entirely.

3. There is an Ideal Ring

When it comes to getting a ring, however, there is always an ideal match. Red and blue diamonds are by far the rarest, but not so rare as the one diamond that the man or woman has seen in their dreams. When you see that ring, you will know it is the one — but so will the other couple who came into the store the day before. Sadly, dreams only come true for those who make them come true, so if you see the wedding ring you’ve always wanted, by all means, snatch it up. How do you feel about marriage and those antique platinum engagement rings? Read this for more:

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