The Top Three Ways to Make Linen Rentals Work For You

Renting linens for an event

Whether it’s for a wedding, a fundraiser, a gala, or a birthday, or any other important ceremony, renting linens for an event is an affordable and excellent way to decorate — and protect — the venue where the event is taking place. Regardless of where the venue is, whether it be outdoors in someone’s backyard or in an elegant reception hall, you simply can’t go wrong with rental linens.

Renting linens for an event, such as using party linen rentals, allows you to decorate a space without blowing your budget. It also expedites the planning process, allow you to put your energy and focus elsewhere.

In fact, linen rental companies take much of the guess work out of renting. Not only with they arrange and set up the linens to your liking, they will also clean the linens following the event. Most policies will protect against normal wear and tear, such as spills during the event, allowing you to enjoy the celebration with peace of mind.

Here are just a few ways rental linens can be used.

Chair cover rentals

So how do you transform a plain, ordinary chair into a chic, elegant, seating arrangement> By using chair covers of course! Linen chair covers are an excellent way to jazz up a boring, everyday seating arrangement into something out of an event or wedding planning magazine. Linens come in a variety of colors to suite your aesthetics and taste.

Tablecloth rentals

There’s no better way to compliment your linen chair covers than to also rent linen tablecloths. This creates a cohesive, put-together look that is sure to make a bold statement and set the mood. Pairing matching chair covers and table cloths gives an air of elegance.


While curtains are typically used indoors, rental linens can also be draped over outdoor fixtures such as gazebos or arches for a dramatic, billowing effect. In order to complete the look or theme, have your drapery linens match other accents in your event, such as the floral arrangements.

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