Three Fall Fashion Trends That Will Make You Glad the Leaves Are Falling

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The sun has finally set on the summer, and the summer dress shopping season with it. Just as autumn changes the world around us, transforming the verdant glow of the trees into the fiery tones of the season, so, too, does the fall change the world of fashion. From local gift shops to the Virginia Beach stores usually specializing in summer attire, recent fashion trends are seeping into shelves across the country. Here are three of the most exciting recent fashion trends you need to be a part of to look your very best during this beautiful time of year.

Three Recent Trends in Fashion That Will Have You Loving the Fall

  1. Floral Prints Are Big Right Now
  2. Because the change from summer to fall is so extreme, it often refocuses our attention on Mother Nature and the world around us. That’s why, as the Today Show detailed in a recent segment, one of the biggest trends for the fall is one that celebrates nature. Bright floral print dresses and blouses grant an air of confidence, and they fit in perfectly with the seasons overarching nature motif. Florals can be worn throughout the season, but be sure to pair your favorites with a complimentary or contrasting cardigan and tights once the weather gets colder.

  3. Fall 2014 Marks a Return to the Fashion Trends of the 50s and 60s
  4. The New York Post reports that of all the recent fashion trends, the return to classic 50s and 60s evening attire is the hottest. Shorter, sleeker poodle skirts in pastel tones pair exceptionally well with collared sweaters and your favorite pair of penny loafers. As with floral print dresses and blouses, this look is harder to pull off comfortably in the later months, but pairing your ensemble with the equally trendy cocoon jacket will keep you warm, without dulling your searing hot fashion sense.

  5. Give the Season and Your Mood a Much Needed Boost with a Hit of Pink
  6. Fall starts out with a burst of colors, but by the end, it gives way to the brown and gray tones of winter. Both for your mood and your fashion, you need something exciting. For the popular women’s lifestyle blog BlogHer, the solution to keeping your spirits high and your fashion sense impeccable is pink. Pink sweaters, pink dresses, pink clutches — from subdued coral to fluorescent magenta, pink gives a much needed lift to the season, making it one of fall’s hottest fashion trends.

Do you consider yourself something of a fashion guru? What are some of the other recent fashion trends we should be getting into? Let us know in the comment section below. Read more about this topic at this link.

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