Two Crucial Reasons to Wear Fire Resistant Clothing

Frc clothing

Did you know that on-the-job firefighter injuries cost between $2.8-7.8 billion per year? However, it was not until after World War II that the National Fire Protection Association imposed strict standards for firefighter clothing, and now FR, or fire resistant, clothing is a necessity. Fortunately, there are several benefits of wearing fire resistant clothing.

– Many types available. Every body part will be protected when you get the right forms of fire resistant clothing. Bulwark FR apparel, for example, includes everything from fire retardant jackets to high visibility shirts. Even Bulwark coveralls are available, as well as hi viz jackets. It is important to get all of these types of clothing not only because they will help keep you safe when you are fighting fires, but also because they will keep you visible even when you are engulfed in thick, dark smoke.

– Numerous capabilities. FR clothing is more trustworthy now than it has ever been. This is mainly because FR clothing blends different fibers together, which not only helps keep fires contained, but also resists extreme heat. In fact, all fire resistant fibers are now chemically engineered to be flame resistant, which ensures their dependability. As a result, you will be properly protected from fires when you wear modern FR clothing.

There are several important reasons for all firefighters to wear fire resistant clothing. Not only are there many types of this clothing available, such as Bulwark FR jackets, but this apparel is specifically designed to help keep firefighters safe. As a result, you can remain protected on the job when you obtain the right types of fire resistant clothing.

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