Want to Get the Most Volume From Your Lashes? Three Tips for Better Makeup

Lip makeup tips

The history of makeup goes back thousands of years, with the earliest record of it dating to the first Egyptian Dynasty of 3100 BCE. Most of us know that the ancient Egyptians wore eyeliner and darkened their lips, but did you know they also had antiwrinkle cream made from wax, moringa oil, and more?

Our love of makeup is nothing new, though today we are lucky enough to have lead and poison free options that many of our ancestors lacked. Here are our top three tips for improving the way you approach your makeup.

1. Powder Foundation

There is a long standing rivalry between the proponents of liquid versus powder foundation. In our own experience, we have found powder foundation to work better, especially because many of us have oily skin, which is an issue that can become exacerbated by liquid foundation. Powder should be applied with a dry sponge for even toned coverage. Benefit powder foundation is a good example of a long lasting, anti oil foundation. Do not take our word for it, though. Try out liquid and powder, and see what works best with your unique skin type!

2. Get the Most Volume Out of Your Lashes

This is something women ask me about over and over again, which is surprising since getting high volume lashes is easy! First, you need to purchase an eyelash curler. This will instantly make your lashes more visible. When it comes to applying mascara for volume, you need to start close to the roots, and wiggle as you pull through. Wait for your lashes to dry, and apply two to three coatings for maximum pump up. Although you can use a lash comb to separate out, a good volumizing mascara will prevent clumping. Fake lashes can also be a good way to accentuate. Instead of using a whole row, just apply a few to the ends. The key here is investing in quality lash glue, so you will not appear to have spiders on your eyes!

3. Eyeshadow Primer

When I was a wannabe beauty queen in Middle School, I used to lament how my bright blue eyeshadow would crease up and wear off my eyes by the middle of the day. It was several years until someone would introduce me to shadow primer, and now this makeup tool is one of my best buddies. Shadow primer not only holds your color in place for longer by reducing oiliness, but it prevents it from creasing, keeps application smooth, and can help you add more color to one place. Apply this over your lids before your shadow, and make sure to use a product specifically formulated for the eyes.

Got any makeup tips for us? Write them down in the comments!

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