Watches Add a Timeless Component to Any Wardrobe

Dress watches for men

Since the introduction of the first wrist watch, created by Patek Philippe in 1868, advances in technology have changed the way the world manages their time. The look, style, feel, weight and even the function of watches has evolved considerably over the past 150 years.

For starters, different watch movement types have been introduced. A watch movement is defined as the mechanism that measures the passage of time. They may be entirely mechanical, entirely electronic, or they might be a combination. Most contemporary watches intended for timekeeping have electronic movements, with mechanical hands on the watch face.

Mechanical are less accurate and require regular maintenance and adjustment. They include automatic watches, which employs an eccentric weight, or a rotor, which swings with the movement of the wearer’s body to wind the spring. Mechanical watches are engineered to function on numerous, tiny moving parts implementing designs that have changed little over the decades.

Unlike mechanical wrist watches, electronic movements have few or no moving parts. Rather a piezoelectric effect in a tiny quartz crystal ensures stable time base for a mostly electronic movement based on a highly stable frequency. Though not quite as classic, electronic movements- which include solar power, kinetic and eco drive options- is the much more reliable of the two watch movement types.

WIth the onset of the information age and a simple shift in style preference, watch wearing has suffered in recent years. Watches more or less are perceived by many to get in the way nowadays. Besides, no one really needs a watch when they can simply check their cell phone or laptop for the time. Still, an estimated 62% of consumers still regularly wear a wrist watch. Meanwhile, 14% still will wear a mens dress watch on special occasions for a more polished, professional appearance.

Wrist watch technology has made leaps and bounds since they were first introduced nearly 150 years ago. They have also seen ups and downs in their popularity. But regardless of the which of the watch movement types you may select, both mens watches and womens watches add a certain element of functional class and style unavailable with any other clothing accessory. Read more.

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