Work Safety Clothing Can Help Reduce Injuries

Reflective button down work shirts

For hard working crews in important industries like construction, transportation and trucking, airlines, landscaping, waste management and moving, work safety gear and clothing is essential. We rely on these workers for our everyday existence, and their safety matters to everyone. Safety jackets for work can help to prevent injuries and save lives.

The worksite can be a dangerous place
For workers in industries like transportation, mining, construction and more, the worksite can be a dangerous place. Injuries are common, especially among newcomers to the job. In 2013, as many as a third of all those workers who suffered non fatal workplace injuries had less than a year?s experience on the job.
In Canada, the Institute for Work and Health found that in their first month at work, new employees were three times more likely to suffer injuries leading to lost time at work. Safety jackets for work and other safety clothing can help reduce the risk of injuries even for new and inexperienced workers.

Age, experience and safety clothing reduce risks
Besides experience, age is another factor in the risk for injuries. Younger workers are much more likely than older people to suffer injuries that cause them to lose time at work. In 2014, the youngest age group of workers, ages 16 to 19 years, suffered injuries that led them to miss an average of 4 days of work.
Older workers, over the age of 65, suffered the fewest injuries among any age group, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The incidence of injuries for full time workers in this age group was 94.2 per 10,000 in 2014. While age and experience matter, safety clothing and safety equipment can help to reduce accidents and injuries.

Types of safety workwear
Safety jackets for work, hi vis pants and breathable reflective rain gear can improve safety and working conditions for workers in high risk fields like transportation, construction, and waste management. Safety clothing options for work, like reflective pants for work and hi vis jackets and vests, make them visible in the dark and in bad weather, greatly reducing the risk of accidents.
Safety jackets for work and other safety clothing also offer protection from the elements and bad weather. Weatherproof reflective jackets can be worn in the rain and snow without hampering the free movement required by the job. Likewise, work safety vests specially designed for hot and humid weather allow workers to operate without discomfort in all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Safety jackets for work contribute to worker safety in crucial industries like transportation, public safety, construction, and many others on which we depend for our everyday existence.

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