You Won’t Believe What These Men Are Wearing To Bed

Plus size onesies for adults

What do men wear to sleep at night? The survey says fully 74% wear boring pajamas while 8% sleep in the nude, as God intended. Astute readers might realize that 74% plus 8% leaves quite a few men unaccounted for. Allegedly, the remainder of the world’s men wear “something else” at night.

Sadly, because we live in a cruel, often disappointing world, we doubt that “something else” refers to super awesome, hilarious mens footed pajamas. But wouldn’t that be a better world, a kinder world? Well, to quote a famous Robin Williams line from his classic film Citizen Kane, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Footed pajamas for men might not be the standard nocturnal uniform dude’s are accustomed to, but they’re fun, cozy, warm, snugly, awesome, and more adjectives than we have time to list. If nothing else, it’s worth buying mens footed pajamas just to see the look on your man’s face when he unwraps his new animal onesie pajamas for adults in front of all his friends.

If any of the men in your life don’t already own mens footed pajamas, then it’s time for you to step up. Footed pajamas for men come in a variety of styles, patterns, and sizes, and they make perfect gifts. Whether you’re looking for a great gag gift or you just think your boyfriend would look really, really cute wearing pajama onesies for adults, you’re sure to find something you’ll both love online.

Best of all, you can get matching his and her’s onesie pajamas online, too. And if a hilarious picture of you and your fella dressed up for bed in matching onesies doesn’t rack up the likes on Instagram and Facebook, then nothing will, and you need better social media followers anyway.

So for Christmas, Hanukkah, adult onesies pajamas for Halloween costumes, birthdays, and more, consider mens footed pajamas. Who knows, he might like them so much he decides to wear them all year long — even if he never admits it.

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