• Do You Need to Buy a Beach Towel or a Bath Towel? Learn More Here

    So, you know you have a lot of towels in your home but you have had them a long time and want to update your supply. You are looking at catalogs and the like to find your new items but what kind do you need to purchase? Do you need to buy a beach towels? Do you need a bath towel instead?

    Many people just look at the names and think they understand the main differences between the two kinds of towels. When they look to buy a beach towels, they are looking for something they can use at the beach or when they are sitting by the pool. And when you want to take a shower or bath, you need bath towels. Simple, no? Yes and no. There are some reasons one towel is labeled for the beach and the other for the bathroom. Here is some information on what makes a towel a beach or bath towel.

    • They are differently sized. When you are going to buy a beach towels, you will notice that they are bigger than a towel that you w Continue Reading