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    We’re a family business run by family values. We specialize in diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and we’re proud to offer the largest selection and lowest, importer pricing in the Washington, DC area.

  • Three Ways to Make Your Engagement the Best it Can Be

    Engagement rings va

    Are you looking for engagement or wedding rings at jewelry stores in Maryland? Here are three ways to make your engagement experience the best and most memorable it can possibly be.

    First, extreme caution when it comes to proposing in incredibly public places! While proposals at baseball fields have been a popular choice, they can be difficult for your partner. Some people want a moment to think, or might even be unsure about whether they are ready. By broadcasting their decision to thousands, you can end up pressuring them into saying yes, or risk a very public and awkward rejection. Most of the time, everything will be fine! But it is always wise to make sure you are both ready for the next step that an engagement ring entails.

    Second, be creative with both the ring and the proposal! While proposing during a nice dinner is sweet, it has certainly been done before. When the boyfriend of my cousin proposed to her, it was a surprise. He challenged her to a race, and pretended to trip. When she came to help him up, he was on one knee with a diamond ring box in hand. As far as the ring goes, diamond engagement rings are still a fairly standard choice. Many people today, though, are also looking into less traditional choices such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more. Most jewelry stores in Maryland can show you a variety of interesting stones, settings, and bands to choose from.

    Third, go to jewelry stores in maryland that can promise the widest selection of brands and choices. You will probably be surprised at how many options there are!

  • Add A Wrap Dress To Your Wardrobe For These Three Reasons

    Floral print dress

    Have you always wanted to wear a wrap dress but never had the courage to take the plunge? Try one out this spring. It will add to your wardrobe like most other items of clothing cannot do by creating versatility in your closet and a fashion staple that has lasted for decades. Since the 1970s these dresses have been worn, and a few excellent reasons exist for this continual fashion staple. Here are three that stand out both in the fashion sense and in the economical one too.

    One, a wrap dress will hide your midsection like most other fashion staples cannot do. Because this kind of dress lets you pick how loose or how tight you wear it, you get to loosen it up if you have gained a few pounds and tighten it up after a few months of working out diligently and eating well. So you get to show off your new physique by using the same wrap dress you have had in your closet for years. This speaks to the lasting power of the wrap dress too, since it can stay in your wardrobe whether you are a few pounds over your ideal weight or not.

    Two, a wrap dress always stays in fashion with its simple lines and its beautiful patterns, so having this staple in your closet will be good both now and well into your fashion forward future. Some trends come and go, but the wrap dress has stuck around for its versatility and for its simple design. This means you spend a few bucks now on a beautiful floral print dress that will last for seasons upon seasons. This means you get to save some money by avoiding paying for a dozen dresses.

    Three, a wrap dress can be worn at the office during the day and out to dinner at night with little to no changes made. You can wear an elegant wrap dress to the office and work a full day, wearing it alongside some flats or sandals and a nice bracelet and grouping of trendy necklaces. At night, after work, you can meet up for dinner and drinks with friends by adding a nice jacket over the top of the dress and some more elegant jewelry like a diamond bracelet or necklace. You get versatility by mixing and matching what you wear with the dress, which keeps it functioning at multiple levels in your wardrobe.

  • Pandora Charm Bracelets, a Gift for Multiple Occasions

    Retired pandora charms

    When I was much younger, my grandparents gave me a charm bracelet for one of my birthdays. I loved my charm bracelet. The thing about charm bracelets is that they are individualized for every person. Mine had a locket with my initials on it, a flamingo, a little ruby and a little pearl to represent my birth month, and an ice skate. I wore it everyday and enjoyed people asking about it. Unfortunately, my bracelet did not stand the test of time. After several weeks of wear, the charms started to fall off and the chain was not real gold and began to flake off. It is unfortunate, since I would have liked to been able to keep the bracelet to remember them by.

    For older girls and young women, one updated version of the charm bracelet is the pandora charm bracelet. Pandora bracelets are an interesting take on the charm tradition because the charm beads wrap around the bracelet chain, rather than hanging off. This makes them much more durable and it is almost impossible to lose them, unless someone decides to take off the bracelet. Every year Pandora releases new designs so that bracelet owners or gifters can pick and choose from a variety of options. There is everything from interesting and unique designs, to charms for moms to celebrate Mothers Day, to little cats and tiny dogs for pet lovers. The Pandora freehold store is one place you can purchase Pandora charms.

    Pandora bracelets are also a good idea because the charms can be given as future gifts as well. Getting a high mark in school, a new birthday, or winning a tennis tournament can all be celebrated by the gift of a charm bead. Like I said, one place to go for pandora bracelets is the pandora freehold NJ store. The Pandora Freehold store can not only direct you to all the current choices in charm bracelets, but they can also direct you to additional products such as necklaces, pendants, rings, and more. What is also nice about the Pandora Freehold store is that if they do not have the designs you want from Pandora, you can get them with no additional cost of shipping added.

  • Four Online Shopping Tips That May Surprise You

    Tips for online shopping

    Want an online shopping tip? How about four? Some of these tips mentioned below are more like facts, but they all point toward the notion that shopping online is the way most people prefer these days.

    One: Online shopping is quite addictive. This is meant in the best possible way. People who have secured online shopping tips and who consider themselves to be quite good at the online shopping game will admit that they spend way more time than is necessary poking around online looking for cool stuff. But once they reign in the concept that they still are spending money, they usually settle down into a routine that does not go overboard.

    Two: Online shopping is extremely safe. Of course, websites will always exist that purport to sell something when in actuality they are scamming people. This is just the nature of technology. Some use it for good, and others use it to destroy others. However, most websites in operation today that have some reputation to them are on the level, meaning they use encryption and other methods to keep clients’ information safe, from their credit card numbers to their buying habits to their home addresses. In discovering tips for online shopping, most novices learn that there are simple ways to identify whether a website is safe to shop or to give away credit card information on, like looking for the S that comes after the HTTP in these websites’ URL addresses and the verification icon that appears on the ordering or credit card page.

    Three: Online shopping is very simple. With credit card numbers, including the three digit verification code on the back of the card and the expiration date, shoppers can buy virtually anything they want. And since this is conducted entirely in an online environment, the items that are purchased are delivered directly to consumers’ front doors. People can avoid running to the store for things and instead can order them online and have them delivered as early as the next business day. It really does not get much simpler than that when purchasing things.

    Four: Online shopping is the future. There will always be physical stores for purchasing things, but with increasing intensity even physical retail stores are making their products available online for purchase. These shops nationwide realize the Internet’s power and want to capitalize on it, so they are diversifying and keeping up with retailers whose products are strictly available online.

  • Convenient Chair Pockets For Classroom Applications

    Classroom chair pockets

    It is a good idea for students to stay organized with their school materials and studies so that they can turn all their attention to learning. Those that are striving to achieve better classroom and dorm room organization habits are encouraged to seek out accessories that will help them along the way. Students are recommended to look into purchasing chair pockets for classroom seats that will give them the ability to harbor supplies, paperwork and books in an organized fashion so they can be accessed easily when needed. These chair pockets can also be utilized in the dorm room by your desks making doing homework quite easier overall. Chair pockets for classroom or dorm room applications can be found at most office supply stores or on the internet at affordable prices.

    Students that have not heard of classroom chair pockets before now can quickly become educated on the topic by doing a search online. Here you can view information and images on various types of chair organizer pockets so that you can purchase one that seems to be most convenient for your purposes. Individuals that are organized and always know where their materials are will be able to limit stress and worry so that they can focus more on learning. Always know where your materials are at without spending an arm and a leg by heading over to the local office depot store or the internet for one of a kind chair pockets for classroom seats.

  • Tips for Online Shopping

    Online shopping tip

    Since it was created in its modern form in the early 1990s, the internet has come to completely revolutionize modern shopping. Where people had been previously confined to whatever was locally available or had to go on long drives to see the wider variety of goods and services available in large cities, now any shopper can find pretty much anything from around the world on the internet and have it shipped to them. Unfortunately, because the internet is enormous, fully globalized, and mostly unregulated, there are a lot of shady businesses and scams on it. Many internet scams are now run by professionals and so are very convincing looking. Also, it can just be hard to resolve an issue with an international business. Our tips for online shopping can help you avoid common internet shopping pitfalls and get the most out of your experience.

    More than the bad business potential of the internet, online shopping can be a little daunting because of the sheer volume of sellers you can choose from for pretty much any product. Our online shopping tips can help you navigate the massive host of merchants to find those that fit your styles and interests best. We can also help you sort out the more respected sellers from those that are harder to deal with and provide inferior products. With the right tips for online shopping, this process can be fast and easy, instead of taking months of trial and error to figure out.

    We put together our tips for online shopping to help internet users get the most out of their online shopping experience. Internet shopping can be fun and amazingly effective when done right. We hope that our tips for online shopping can help you stay safe and find the best products from the best sellers.

  • The Best Indian Jewelry Phoenix Buyers

    Cash for gold phoenix

    Jewelry is worth a great deal of money. Some people decide to sell pieces that have been doing nothing but collecting dust over the years to help make ends meet or simply to have a few extra bucks on hand. There are certain types of jewelry that sells for more than others, particularly that which is composed of gold. Residents of Arizona near the town of Phoenix have quite a few options when it comes to selling gold in Phoenix. It is highly recommended that you research the best Indian jewelry Phoenix buyers before hastily choosing just one to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Along with finding a trusted Indian jewelry Phoenix buyer, those looking to sell should also monitor the prices of gold as it fluctuates all the time. This will heighten the chances that you get those most cash for gold Phoenix has to offer at that particular time.

    Individuals that have come to the conclusion that they wish to sell excess jewelry are recommended to go on the internet to find out where to sell jewelry in phoenix. Searching the internet will breed a long list of buyers throughout the city so you can further research which ones provide customer satisfaction each and every day. Locating and doing business with a top Indian jewelry Phoenix buyer will give you peace of mind knowing that you are not being misled on the prices of your valuables. Performing research on the internet will also prove as education that can be used to detect trustworthy buyers.