Year: 2013


Waterproof eyeliner —- Free Video

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Oakley replacement lens
Ray ban sunglasses repair
Replacement lenses for oakley

The Quest for Healthier Eyes

Do you know exactly how bad the sun is for your eyes? I had a bit of a shock when I went to visit my optometrist. I’m only 23, but I’ve got the beginnings of cataracts. He asked me if I wear polarized sunglasses. I don’t, but apparently I should, especially since I’m an avid […]

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Custom made t shirts online
Custom tshirts
Custom work shirts

How Does Screen Printing Work?

Something that has grown in popularity and ease in recent years and that you can even do in your own home is custom screen printing services. Apparel logo printing is a lucrative business and can help you to make a name for yourself while making a bit of extra money. Screen printing can be used […]

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Log cabin furniture —- [YouTube Video]

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Gold for sale
Salem oregon gold bullion
Salem oregon silver for sale

The Top Resource for Unwanted Gold and Silver

Experts estimate that humans have mined over 166,600 tons of gold throughout the history of the world. Of course, it is impossible to know that for sure, because there are many centuries and cultures for which no written records exist. Therefore, we should all take such a claim with a grain of salt. Regardless of […]

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Colored contacts
Maui jim
Ray ban

Your Eyes Deserve Designer Protection

Everyone knows that it is important to protect your skin from the sun, but did you know that UV radiation can damage your eyes as well? The Mayo Clinic warns that the cornea and lenses in your eyes, as well as the surrounding skin, can be damaged by UV exposure, and are best protected with […]

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How do you measure for sunglasses
How to measure ray ban lens size
What are polarized sunglass lenses

If Your Sunglass Lenses Are Broken or Scratched, Be Sure to Get Replacements

Do you wear sunglasses on a regular basis, but you’ve recent broken or scratched the lenses? Perhaps you are ready to switch to lenses that are more effective in protecting against UV rays. After all, without the proper eye protection, this sort of harmful exposure can lead to macular degeneration and even cataracts. There is […]

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Cam buckle
Nylon web
Wholesale belts

Doing the Small Things Really, Really Well

Some things we just don’t think about. We may pass them everyday—we may even use them from time to time—but until we rely on those small, seemingly insignificant things for our livelihood or our safety, we see them as minor details that don’t bear thinking about. But just ask any rock climber or long-distance trucker […]

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Chicago coin dealer —- Video

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Camo bathing suits for girls
Camouflage bathing suits
Max 4 camo seat covers

Designing a Country Girl Bedroom

Camouflage has its obvious uses. It’s used by all branches of the U.S. military in some form to disguise soldiers, battleships, tanks and equipment and appears in the animal kingdom where it helps animals like the flat-tail horned lizard to match surroundings and confuse predators. Aside from practical use, camouflage has also been adopted for […]

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