New Appliances Help Finish Any Kitchen Renovation

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Though Maytag today is largely synonymous with high tech kitchen appliances and other similar products, it hardly resembles the company it began as. In 1893, Frederick Louis Maytag, his two brothers-in-law, and another partner all chipped in $600 to start a farming company. At that time, it was not uncommon for farmers to get hurt while operating threshing machines. In order to remedy that, Maytag and his partners began producing threshing accessories, like a feeder that fed straw into the bigger machine safely. Later, as late as 1916, Maytag produced the Maytag-Mason Automobile and briefly made farm tractors. In 1919, sales and growth were spurted by the development of an aluminum washer, the predecessor to the laundry machines used today, which eliminated the problems associated with wooden tubs.

According to HDTV stats, it would cost the average homeowner somewhere between $15 and $35,000 to completely renovate their kitchen in 2012. That gap might seem drastic, but the reality is that there are lots of different projects and upgrades to choose from that will have a great impact on the overall cost. But no matter what your budget might be when thinking about renovating, high quality appliances should always be included. No matter how nice a kitchen looks, if it is not fully functional, it is not likely to be a worthwhile project.

Nowadays, if you want to upgrade your kitchen by installing new appliances, Maytag ovens might be a great option. There are lots of different items to choose from, and most every cook can find an oven they love by checking out the choices that Maytag provides. Whether you like to cook for your family every night or have the occasional get together with lots of guests, there is sure to be an oven you can enjoy. Whether you prefer Maytag electric ovens or Maytag gas ranges, cooking is easier with new, high tech appliances.

But though they are an integral part of nearly every new kitchen, Maytag ovens are not the only item that homeowners will need to invest in. In addition, they should think about getting a bigger refrigerator, new cabinets, a Maytag Jetclean dishwasher that reduces some of the burden of cleaning, and even dining room chairs with arms or other nice furniture if you eat right in the kitchen. Finding and installing the right items can go a long way towards making the kitchen a focal point of your home.

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