Month: October 2014

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Wear Your Heart on Your Wrist With a Pandora Charm Bracelet

Jewelry is one of the clearest ways of expressing one’s personality through personal appearance. Even a simple outfit can be adorned with an interesting necklace that is not only a pretty addition to pull the outfit together, but can also be a real conversation starter. No jewelry allows the wearer to truly express their personality […]

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Three Fall Fashion Trends That Will Make You Glad the Leaves Are Falling

The sun has finally set on the summer, and the summer dress shopping season with it. Just as autumn changes the world around us, transforming the verdant glow of the trees into the fiery tones of the season, so, too, does the fall change the world of fashion. From local gift shops to the Virginia […]

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Who Needs Tradition? Throw a Camouflage Wedding!

If you or your fiance is a hunter, then it’s likely you wear a lot of camo hunting clothes. Hats, shirts, boots, purses; it’s not just for hunting anymore — it’s a fashion statement! Camo has become so popular, that just about everything you can imagine in now available in camo patterns: backpacks, lingerie, chairs, […]

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