• Four of the Most Popular Custom Tees of 2014

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    It’s been a pretty big year for custom tees. In 2014, we not only saw a number of celebrities buying weirdly awesome custom tees, but a few inspired individuals creating their own cheap custom tee shirts with some rather odd images on them.

    Let’s take a look back at the year in tee shirts.

    Putin Tee Shirt.

    Back in November, Putin tee shirts were all the craze in Russia. Moscow’s massive GUM megastore was selling 15 different prints of the world leader in no nonsense poses with such slogans as “The Most Polite Man.” As many as 5,000 of the shirts were flying off the shelves at the height of their popularity, and even famous actor Mickey Rourke got in on the action.

    Horrifyingly Ugly World Cup Tee Shirt.

    For the 2014 World Cup, world renowned fashio Continue Reading

  • Two Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Great This Winter

    Bliss 49 spa new york

    “Cold air, harsh winds, and pumped-up indoor heat can increase facial tissue sensitivity and leave the skin feeling and looking tight, dry, and flaky,” according to Refinery29. In other words, just about all U.S. men and women can expect to have some problems with their skin during frigid winter months — and that’s where facial sheet masks, paraben free skin care, and other, at-home spa products come in. Carefully attending to skin during the winter can prevent even the worst symptoms, from dry, tight skin to eczema. Here are a few pointers for keeping your skin look its best year-round.

    Keep Showers Warm, Not Scalding

    When it is literally freezing outside, it can be more t Continue Reading

  • The Difference Between E Cigs and Vapor Cigarettes (and How to Tell Them Apart)

    Vaping cartridges

    How much do you know about electronic cigarettes? If you’ve heard of using a “e cig” before, you may think that all of these devices are the same, as they all fall into the category of ENDS — electronic nicotine delivery systems. However, they actually have a variety of features that allow for completely different vaping experiences, depending upon the user’s preference.

    For the most part all electronic cigarettes are structured in about the same way. They contain a battery (typically lithium-ion) which has a pass-through at the end for the vapor, a cartridge for the e liquid (which makes the vapor), an atomizer or other heat source to heat the e liquid, and a mouthpiece. In many cases, the cartridge and atomizer are combined into Continue Reading

  • The Appeal of Charm Bracelets and The Charm of Pandora

    Pandora charm bracelet

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for a sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, or cousin? Been eyeing that new angel charm in all the jewelry stores? If so, you may be on to something. Charm bracelets are a perfect gift for the important woman in your life. The history of charm bracelets and tradition is a long one: charm bracelets are often gifted or passed down from mother to daughter. Movie stars such as Liz Taylor and Joan Crawford started the charm bracelet rage in mid-Century America. Over in Europe, Queen Victoria started the fashion by wearing one and also made mourning charms popular (these were often carved from black jet or had a lock of dead person’s hair).
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  • The Top Reasons to Love Western Style Boots

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    When you hear the words “American style,” what images come to mind? There are all sorts of trends that have come and gone over the years, but one particular type of clothing and accessories has remained for decades: western wear and western fashion accessories. In fact, little is as distinctive as the hats, shirts, jeans, and boots seen on cowboys and cowgirls all over the country.

    Besides cowboy hats, one of the most recognizable types of western wear is western style boots. Western style boots, or more commonly cowboy boots, are popular in the United States and beyond, and the reasons to wear them are as numerous as the people who like them. Here are just a few reasons Continue Reading