The Top Reasons to Love Western Style Boots

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When you hear the words “American style,” what images come to mind? There are all sorts of trends that have come and gone over the years, but one particular type of clothing and accessories has remained for decades: western wear and western fashion accessories. In fact, little is as distinctive as the hats, shirts, jeans, and boots seen on cowboys and cowgirls all over the country.

Besides cowboy hats, one of the most recognizable types of western wear is western style boots. Western style boots, or more commonly cowboy boots, are popular in the United States and beyond, and the reasons to wear them are as numerous as the people who like them. Here are just a few reasons why cowboy boots have remained so well-loved throughout the years:

1. They come in a variety of styles. Western style boots are available with all kinds of different looks. Rugged western work boots can provide the durability needed to work in a labor-intensive occupation. Cowboy style boots can be as ornate or plain as the wearer wants them to be, and they’re available in neutrals and bright colors.

2. They have quality leather. A good pair of cowboy boots will be made from genuine leather or another material that is durable and long-lasting. Just as styles for cowboy boots can vary, so can the type of leather used to make them. For example, most leather for western boots is either finished or unfinished. Finished leather will have a smoother, shinier appearance. Unfinished leather looks more rough and almost dusty. With proper care, all types of leather boots can be cleaned and shined to look like they were just purchased.

3. They can be versatile in any wardrobe. It’s not just western wear that looks good with cowboy boots. From casual wear to suits and ties, plenty of men and women love the look of cowboy boots with all sorts of items in their closets. The various styles of these boots allow for the wearer to play around with different aesthetics, so they can mix and match casual with classy.

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