Debunking the Top Three Camouflage Clothing Myths

Camo neoprene seat covers

Used to achieve a state of cypsis — the ability to avoid detection by blending into one’s surrounding, camouflage clothing has its roots in the military. During World War II, the French military commissioned two artists to design a pattern that would conceal their vehicles, gear, and personnel from enemy detection. The resulting pattern was similar to the “woodland” design most are familiar with today.

It wasn’t until Vietnam veterans began protesting the war efforts while sporting their camouflage fatigues that camo clothes were noticed by the mainstream. After being adopted by hunters in the 1970’s, who created a camouflage pattern of their own, camouflage clothing began garner more mainstream attention in the 80s. Along with plaid, camo clothes became the iconic pattern of the grunge, punk, and alternative movements of the early 90s.

Now, it seems that everyone and their Mom — literally — are going camo clad. While camo clothing has officially taken over the fashion world, there are some who are still wary of jumping on the camo band wagon for these reasons:

“Only military personnel, hunters, and rednecks wear camouflage.”

Sure camo hunting clothes are worn by those stalking prey in the wilderness, but camo clothes are also worn on the urban streets of Harlem and the high-fashion runways of Milan. The beauty of camouflage is it’s versatility. It’s worn by both men and women in a variety of different fashion genres and can be styled to the wearer’s aesthetic.

“Camouflage clothing is difficult to style.”

Unlike other prints and patterns such as floral, plaid, or animal prints, camouflage is incredibly easy to style, even for the most amateur fashionista. Camouflage is comprised of a variety of colors which make styling or matching easy. For example, navy blue camouflage typical incorporates shades of navy blue, black, grey, and and even white. Use these colors choose accessories and pieces in order to create a cohesive look.

“I’m not sure I can pull of the look and I can’t afford to buy more clothes.”

The most important thing about fashion isn’t the clothes themselves, it’s about attitude and confidence within yourself. Also, thrift and second hand stores are perfect for snagging great deals on camo clothes. Often times, the worn or faded look only adds character to the pattern and overall look.

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