• What Else Botox Can Do to Improve Your Life

    Thermage treatment

    I had a friend who had trained and became a botox technician over the course of time that I knew her and through conversation one day, about her new line of work, tried to convince me to get botox done on my own face. Her first selling point with me was to smooth out crows feet that were apparently forming around my eyes. While this is not something a girl in her 20s wants to hear, it didn’t convince me, it actually put me of a little bit. But I did go to her botox party the first time she threw one, to support her more than anything and I found out some really interesting facts about botox. This prompted me to research and find out a little more about the medicine.

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  • I Want To Become a Body Piercer

    Body piercing apprenticeship

    Body piercing has been around for thousands of years, in fact, the oldest body piercing ever discovered was found in a grave dated back to 2500 B.C. It has become very popular among Americans with about 83% having their earlobes pierced and 14% having a piercing other than the earlobe. This has created an opportunity for passionate piercers to attend schooling in order to learn the types of body piercings and learn how to body pierce.

    A body piercing is exactly what is sounds like it is; a puncture, or piercing, made in your body by a needle, usually producing a hole. Once the puncture has been made, a piece of jewelry is inserted to the site. The site eventually heals allowing for different jewelry pieces to be worn.
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  • How to Add Extra Magic to Any Celebration With Sparklers

    36 inch sparklers

    When you think of sparklers, what comes to mind? Most people associate sparklers with the 4th of July and the firework displays that the holiday is famous for. Many families buy sparklers instead of fireworks because they are a lot safer than giant pyrotechnic displays; even the kids can play with sparklers with a parent supervising. Sparklers are an undeniably fun way to bring a little brightness to your celebration, but they don’t have to be reserved for the Fourth! Check out these three celebrations that will really shine with the addition of sparklers!

    1. Christmas
      At Christmas time, it seems like everything is covered in a golden holiday glow. The twinkle of sparklers will dazzle your family members as they glimmer against the snow. If it’s too cold where you live to go out Continue Reading