What Else Botox Can Do to Improve Your Life

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I had a friend who had trained and became a botox technician over the course of time that I knew her and through conversation one day, about her new line of work, tried to convince me to get botox done on my own face. Her first selling point with me was to smooth out crows feet that were apparently forming around my eyes. While this is not something a girl in her 20s wants to hear, it didn’t convince me, it actually put me of a little bit. But I did go to her botox party the first time she threw one, to support her more than anything and I found out some really interesting facts about botox. This prompted me to research and find out a little more about the medicine.

Now, when someone mentions ‘botox treatment’ we tend to think more along the cosmetic lines such as wrinkles, frown lines and laugh lines and whatever else they are called, which is probably why my friend automatically went from that angle. However, there are things botox can treat and even temporarily cure when used correctly. Let’s go over a few of those.

  1. Migraine
    Botox treatment has been approved by the FDA as a legitimate treatment for chronic migraine headaches.

    In order for botox to work for headaches it needs to be administered about once every three months over a 15 month period of time.

    How the treatment is administered is exactly the same way as if you were receiving injections for wrinkles. The medicine is injected into strategic points all along the forehead and even towards the back of the head and neck.

    There may not be immediate results but the goal is to reduce the symptoms of not only pain but nausea and vomiting as well as sensitivity to light and sound. It can take anywhere from 10 to 14 days to begin to feel the affects of the injections.
  2. Hair
    Hair botox treatment is probably the newest form of treatment that is available through botox and is quite similar to the ever popular ‘keratin treatment.’

    Hair can be such a fickle thing. Everything seems to affect it; weather, water, products, style, chemicals and more. The problem is, with so many variables there is no guarantee of how your hair is going to turn out on a day to day basis.

    The treatment boasts of eliminating frizz and restoring natural shine and health to the hair follicles.

    To apply the hair needs to be shampooed but have no conditioner and combed thoroughly. After this, the treatment is left on for 45 minutes and then washed off. The hair botox treatment actually offers nutrients to the follicles, restoring the protein of the hair. This treatment must be repeated every four weeks to last.
  3. Bladder
    Botox can cure an overactive bladder. To do this, the injections are used to block the nerves and also the muscles the allow for the feeling of needing to urinate immediately.

    The patient can expect to feel the positive affects after about a month and lasts for around eight months.
  4. TMJ (temporomandibular disorder) also known as Jaw Pain
    Botox treatments for jaw pain are not as proven to work as the other issues but there have definitely been some great reports, so far.

    The way it is proposed to work is by paralyzing the muscles that are causing pain. As with other botox treatments, it is not a permanent fix but the treatment can be repeated.
  5. Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweat
    In this case, the botox is injected into the arm pits to block the eccrine glands which produce sweat. Again, this is not a permanent cure but only needs repeating every three to six months in order to function efficiently.

As you can see, botox can do a lot more than merely fill in facial lines or act as an eye wrinkle treatment. However, it is not recommended to follow this line of treatment without medical advise to make sure that you are physically able to get this done without terrible side effects.

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