What America Wears To Bed

Pajamas onesie

From the traditional flannel nightie to the onesie pajamas adult sizes, what we wear to bed is often a contentious issue. The results are in and, according to research, almost 75% of Americans choose pajamas for their sleep attire. A saucy eight percent wear nothing at all and the rest wear a rather cryptic “something else”. Sharing a bed had no impact on the choice of sleepwear for most of those surveyed.

Hygiene preferences vary considerably too, although a recent poll found that most men go for up to two weeks before popping their adult foot pajamas (or other sleepwear of choice) into the wash; women, on the other hand, can stretch times between pajama washings to 17 days.

And although we spend almost four percent of our income on clothing, most — 61% in fact — Americans still say they do not have multiple sleepwear options available to them. Still searching for that ideal Christmas pressy for a fussy relative? Seems like a onesie pajama or other pjs for adults might be the perfect option.

And if you all get one perhaps you can challenge Jumpin Jammerz founder Steve Pandi who in March 2012 hosted an adult onesie party. With 309 guests, Pandi’s party netted him a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Footed Pajama Party.” All you would need was 309 other enthusiasts of onesie pajamas adult sizes to join you.

Considering that we sleep for an average of 8.5 hours per night (not counting naps), what we wear when we snooze deserves important consideration. For those — forty percent according to some reports — who get less than the recommended nightly number of Zs, comfort while sleeping may be even more important. Think about what material you choose for your sleepwear. Fleece, for example, comes in different thicknesses (100, 200 and 300), which impacts on the flexibility of the fabric. The design and material of your sleepwear can radically impact on your comfort and as a result on your ability to sleep. Research more like this.

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