Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Take a Trip to Paris

Paris shopping

The world is a big, beautiful place just ripe for exploration. International tourism is one of the largest contributors to our global economy with millions of international explorers taking flight each year to new and exciting locations. In 2013, France secured its place in the record books with Paris and the surrounding countryside being ranked the number one tourist destination with a staggering 32.3 million tourists for the year according to the regional tourism committee. Millions of tourists continue to visit Paris year after year for the culture, shopping, and romance inside the city of love. Here are three solid reasons why you should book your Paris vacation today.


Originally founded in the 3rd century AD, Paris is one of Europe’s oldest and most historic cities, giving tourists all the more reason to explore. With around 4,000 tourist cites and events, 8,000 museums, and 45,000 listed or registered historic monuments across the nation, France has no shortage of attractions to keep dedicated explorers on the look out for whatever comes next. One of Paris’ most famous cites is the Louvre, home of renowned art including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa — in 2014 the Louvre once again claimed the title of the most visited museum in the world with 9.3 million visitors for the year. For those looking for the darker side of Paris, there are tours of the city’s Catacombs, which descends to bone-lined depths equivalent to that of a five-story building.

Paris Shopping

A trip to Paris
would not be complete without exploring the city’s many boutiques and department stores. Shopping in Europe is fairly different than it is in the states, as department stores are akin to a shopper’s dream. The extravagant and luxurious nature of these French stores are the sole reason for many visiting Paris. By extension, many tourists splurge on luxury rentals; these Parisian luxury rentals can include extravagant hotels, fancy European cars, and other services. Many vacation goers have sought to extend their stay into something of a sabbatical as many European thinkers and philosophers have done before with apartment luxury rentals in beautiful scenic spots located around the city.

Wine Country

No discussion on Paris or France would be complete without the mention of wine. Wine tourism is the sole driving force for the 24 million people who annually visit France’s wine regions. The Bordeaux region of Paris is known around the world for famous (and expensive) wines; the vineyards were first planted by the Romans during the 1st century AD and have grown in popularity ever since. The upscale French department store, the Galeries Lafayette, has an area known as the Bordeauxtheque that is strictly devoted to over 1,200 kinds of Bordeaux wines. Venturing out into the Parisan countryside, many tourists will find a number of vineyards — sampling French wine is something of a right of passage for serious wine aficionados.

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