• Using Botox for a More Youthful Face

    Testosterone replacement

    There are many advantages and disadvantages to growing older. We find that we are more mature, self confident and that we are smarter about our relationships and our financial situations. We begin to secure relationships with those who are the most important to us and weed out those that are not. We begin to see improvements and advancements at work the longer we have been there. We get to see our kids grow up and begin their own lives. On the other side, we may struggle with our new appearances. Our skin begins to sag in places we did not know was possible. We are unable to lose weight as quickly and must actually watch what we eat. When we look in the mirror, we may question who that person is looking back at us, they have wrinkled skin and look much older than we remember. This can be the scariest Continue Reading

  • These Five Tips Will Make Your Next Clothing Donation a Breeze

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    Clothing donations are not only a good way to clean out your closet, they’re a great way to help families in need. Not only that, but you can donate more than clothing to your local veterans charities and thrift stores. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to charitable donations, these five tips will help make your next one a breeze.

    Itemize What You Plan to Donate

    As you place things into your box, make sure to keep a running list of the things you plan to give away. Note the condition and approximate value for each item you plan to don Continue Reading

  • Are Cell Phones Harming Your Family? Tips to Protect Yourself From EMF

    Laptop radiation

    Many cell phone users are not aware of the harmful effects that their phone could be having on their bodies and minds. In fact, the spread of cell phone towers in residential areas means that young children can have up to 1,000 times higher RF exposures than compared to 20 to 25 years ago. Cell phone radiation blockers are essential, but are they enough? Here are a few tips to help you protect children and spouses alike from EMF.

    Children Shouldn’t Use Cell Phones

    With the exception of a life-threatening emergency, children should not be allowed to use cell phones, as they are much more sensitive to radiation than adults.

    Reduce Your Cell Phone Usage

    Reserving your cell phone for important emergencies can be very beneficial to you. It’s one of the simple Continue Reading

  • What Are You Doing to Look and Feel Young Again?

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    Getting old is not fun. Even people who look and feel their best do not always look forward to the prospect of aging. They fear the possibility of losing their edge, their power, and their looks. As a result, many individuals look toward options like testosterone replacement therapy, non-surgical facelift, and laser skin resurfacing to keep them vital and productive.
    Testosterone replacement therapy is an option for men who find themselves lacking both energy and drive. As the body ages many physical and emotional changes occur. For some men, finding a way to keep their hormones at normal level helps them achieve the lifestyle that they want. A consultation with a doctor can help potential testosterone replacement therapy candidates decide if this is a viable option for them.
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  • Piercing 101 The Different Types of Body Piercings

    Instructional body piercing apprenticeship

    Piercings have been and still are a popular form of expression for people of all backgrounds. Since 2500 B.C., when the oldest body piercing on record was discovered, people all over the world have been marking their bodies for some reason or another. As time goes on, new locations have been added to the list of body piercings.

    While you may not be interested in becoming the next Elaine Davidson holding the record for most body piercings with an impressive 6,005, you may want some information on piercings in general to get into piercing others. Here is a list of body piercings that are commonly performed by artists who have learned body piercing types and have completed a body piercing apprenticeship program.