• Hi Vis Apparel Helps Keep You Safe Out There

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    In our modern world, there are a lot of things we need to look out for in our everyday lives. Anytime we leave our homes, we can find ourselves in a situation where we need to pay close attention to our surroundings because our surroundings might not be paying attention to us.

    Many of us find ourselves walking in public spaces for work or recreation every day. The average person walks somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 steps per day. If you are a construction worker or some kind of laborer, you could average roughly 30,000 steps per day. That is a lot of walking. Many times, those steps are being taken in places where you need a type pf clothing that will signal other people that you are there.

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  • Why Reusable Shopping Bags Are an Investment Everyone Should Consider Making

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    Reusable shopping bags are important for any consumer to have. They can be used for both cold and dry goods. There are even special insulated bags that can protect frozen items. For individuals who walk or take public transportation, they can make shopping much more easier. Best of all, even though there is an initial investment, these bags can be used again and again, meaning individuals will be able to get plenty of use out of them with each shopping trip. They are good for the planet too, since it means less plastic bags will be purchased and needed each time someone goes shopping. Here are the benefits of using reusable grocery bags.

    Custom Reusable Grocery Bags Can Reflect an Individual?s Personality

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  • Movies, Music And Fashion How Caught Up Are You On Current News?

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    Current news stories don’t all have to be depressing. After all, it’s a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings going on in the world. Fashion, film, music…the world really is your oyster for helping you turn heads at a party or impress a group of friends when out on the town. But what to focus on? Should you become an overnight guru on the ins and outs of celebrity gossip or more of a modern critic who can memorize useful facts in history? While no single list has all the answers, the one below can get you caught up to speed on all sorts of interesting tidbits about Hollywood history, current news and the latest entertainment.

    Become A Movie Buff

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  • Where you can donate clothes

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    It’s a common conception that there only a few seasons for charitable donations. From veterans clothing donations to military donations to civilian donations, most of these different kinds of donations are mostly commonly given during Christmas or the middle of the summer. This is fine but it isn’t wholly necessary and, in some ways, it reduces the overall amount of money and donations these charities receive. The truth is that there is no bad time to ask yourself the question where can i donate clothes or other similar questions. Continue Reading

  • Should You Travel to View the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse?

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    On August 21, 2017, a huge solar eclipse is projected to cross over the United States for 90 minutes. A total eclipse happens only once every 18 months; however, the continental U.S. hasn’t seen a total solar eclipse in nearly four decades. They are incredibly rare because the moon is inclined five degrees away from the Earth.

    The solar eclipse is projected to be a momentous occasion. Even an astronomer at Williams College in Massachusetts, Jay Pasachoff, is encouraging people to see it. Though a partial eclipse is expected to happen nationwide, the full eclipse will only be visible at a diagonal angle from Oregon to South Carolina. With that in mind, many hobbyists and curious individuals are considering a trip to the narrow band of viewing ground.

    For those not in the direct part of the solar eclipse, you may still see it to some degree. Parachoff says, “Though the rest of the continental U.S. will have at least a 55 percent partial eclipse, it won’t ever get dark there, and eye-protection filters would have to be used at all times even to know that the eclipse is happening. The dramatic effects occur only for those in the path of totality.”

    So keep in mind, it’s important to remain aware of the optimal time the eclipse is passing through your state, so you can keep an eye out for it.

    However, if you plan to go see it, it’s important you take the proper precautions. You will still, essentially, be staring up at the sun, which means you will need special solar eclipse viewing glasses. There are a number of different types of solar eclipse glasses, but all are designed to heavily protect your eyes when observing this great occasion. Whether made by No. 14 welder’s glass or containing special filters, there are a variety of types of solar eclipse glasses you can use to protect your eyesight.

    If you cannot find the time to travel to witness this amazing event, you don’t have to worry. People all over the country will still have an opportunity to view a partial eclipse, which is still quite stunning to take in. Not only that, but in seven years there will be another solar eclipse. This one will begin in Mexico and Texas and travel up and to the east, covering the Midwest and Northeastern United States. That eclipse is also predicted to be quite beautiful.

    So, will you be making the trip to view the Great American Solar Eclipse this summer?

    For more info on eclipses and the types of solar eclipse glasses, please visit Lunt Solar Systems today

  • Custom Spirit Wear Continues to be Popular on College Campuses Across the Country

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    Finish the Frog!
    Donut Let Love Hurt!
    When your daughter walked in the house afternoon she was still laughing. After having breakfast with a group of high school friends, she came home with two different shirts. The frog shirt was a jab at a college rivalry between schools that her friends were attending, and the donut design was the theme of fundraising t shirts from one of the other girls’ college sororities. Meeting for breakfast after their second year of college was a fun way to catch up on this day when 12 of the old gang was in town. It was a way to share stories from their four college semesters so far, and it was a way to coordinate schedules for the rest of the summer. It was also, however, a Continue Reading

  • Purchasing the Right Solar Viewing Glasses for Viewing Solar Eclipses

    Eclipse glasses

    One of the most exciting things that you can do is to enjoy the wonders of nature as an enthusiast. Nature has on offer a large number of exciting, enthralling sights and sounds that can be enjoyed and studied in depth by enthusiasts, and the sheer amount of wonder and amazement that natural phenomena can cause can be a great reward for these activities. If you are interested in natural phenomena, and have in the past tried to observe and admire different kinds of natural phenomena, it is likely that you already know that one of the most enthralling sites can be to watch a solar eclipse. Eclipse viewing is something that quite a lot of people take interest in, and the sheer wonder and amazement that this activity can bring can be a great reward for pursuing it. If this is something that interests you, and if Continue Reading