Should You Travel to View the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse?

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On August 21, 2017, a huge solar eclipse is projected to cross over the United States for 90 minutes. A total eclipse happens only once every 18 months; however, the continental U.S. hasn’t seen a total solar eclipse in nearly four decades. They are incredibly rare because the moon is inclined five degrees away from the Earth.

The solar eclipse is projected to be a momentous occasion. Even an astronomer at Williams College in Massachusetts, Jay Pasachoff, is encouraging people to see it. Though a partial eclipse is expected to happen nationwide, the full eclipse will only be visible at a diagonal angle from Oregon to South Carolina. With that in mind, many hobbyists and curious individuals are considering a trip to the narrow band of viewing ground.

For those not in the direct part of the solar eclipse, you may still see it to some degree. Parachoff says, “Though the rest of the continental U.S. will have at least a 55 percent partial eclipse, it won’t ever get dark there, and eye-protection filters would have to be used at all times even to know that the eclipse is happening. The dramatic effects occur only for those in the path of totality.”

So keep in mind, it’s important to remain aware of the optimal time the eclipse is passing through your state, so you can keep an eye out for it.

However, if you plan to go see it, it’s important you take the proper precautions. You will still, essentially, be staring up at the sun, which means you will need special solar eclipse viewing glasses. There are a number of different types of solar eclipse glasses, but all are designed to heavily protect your eyes when observing this great occasion. Whether made by No. 14 welder’s glass or containing special filters, there are a variety of types of solar eclipse glasses you can use to protect your eyesight.

If you cannot find the time to travel to witness this amazing event, you don’t have to worry. People all over the country will still have an opportunity to view a partial eclipse, which is still quite stunning to take in. Not only that, but in seven years there will be another solar eclipse. This one will begin in Mexico and Texas and travel up and to the east, covering the Midwest and Northeastern United States. That eclipse is also predicted to be quite beautiful.

So, will you be making the trip to view the Great American Solar Eclipse this summer?

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