Month: October 2017

High visibility long sleeve shirts
Orange safety vest
Safety shirts

Work Safety Clothing Can Help Reduce Injuries

For hard working crews in important industries like construction, transportation and trucking, airlines, landscaping, waste management and moving, work safety gear and clothing is essential. We rely on these workers for our everyday existence, and their safety matters to everyone. Safety jackets for work can help to prevent injuries and save lives. The worksite can […]

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Charity clothing pickup
Clothing donation
Helping families in need

Why Donating Clothes is A Great Way to Support The Military

In the United States, there are a lot of people that are involved in the act of charitable giving. This means that just about 96% of all Americans participate at some level of charitable giving. This includes donating money, and even donating time and work towards soup kitchens or helping buy gifts or food for […]

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