Day: December 4, 2017

Temporary dragon tattoos
Temporary rose tattoos
Temporary tattoo company

Temporary Tattoos When Ink Is Too Much

Temporary tattoos. It seems from the dawn of time that men and women and non-binary people enjoyed the symbolic ritual of putting an image or a pattern or a saying on their body, etched there for time and eternity. Tattoos, however, remain dangerous to get even till this day. Permanent tattoos can lead to: Infections […]

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sea glass wedding jewelry
Sea glass charm designs

Finding the Perfect Gift for a Bride-to-Be

If you know a bride who will soon be getting married, chances are you’ll be attending a bridal shower in the future. There are so many options of gift ideas to get the lucky lady, but sometimes, you may not be sure what to choose. You can get her anything from a household item to […]

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