5 Gift Ideas for the Partier In Your Life

Coming up with original gift ideas is never easy. Who knows what somebody already has, and what they may or may not like? If you’re having trouble coming up with some last-minute holiday or birthday gift ideas for the resident partier in your life, we’ve come up with a short list of options for you. These could be gifts for women or men. Check it out!

1. Summer Gear

Even if it’s not summer when you’re getting the gift, it’ll pay off in the long run. From bathing suits to a classic Budweiser cooler, these can be great gifts for any time of the year. Anything that will contribute to a party atmosphere will work here, such as a beer koozie, vintage beer shirts or a floating cooler.

2. Branded Clothing

Once you stop being a kid, you also stop dreading getting clothes as a gift and start hoping for it. That’s why clothing can be a great gift, even for those who love to party! A Jack Daniels long sleeve shirt can be worn year round, ready for any occasion. Though the classic Jack Daniels long sleeve shirt is one of the most popular options, it’s far from the only option. If you can find out the favorite alcohol of the person you’re buying for, you can get them whatever their favorite is. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up buying a Jack Daniels long sleeve shirt after all!

3. A Flask

The classy way to drink subtly, a flask can make for an excellent gift. Whether you decide to go for a kitschy cheap flask as a joke, or an expensive well-made flask as a serious gift, or anything in between, there are a variety of options available when it comes to this gift. It should go without saying that these should only be given to those above the legal age!

4. Music

Whether this comes in the form of a 3-month or year long subscription to a music streaming service, as a CD or MP3 download, or even as concert tickets, music can be an excellent platform when it comes to gift giving. It’s important to find out at least what genre the gift receiver likes before spending too much, but if that’s possible, this can be a fun and surprisingly thoughtful gift, especially if you intend to go together! This could be an extremely casual gift, or even a way to let someone know you’re interested in them with a mixtape and a pair of concert tickets.

5. Sports Tickets

Though they don’t always go hand in hand, partying and sports do go together quite well. If the person your buying for is a sports fan, a piece of team merch or maybe even a couple of tickets to a game could be a hugely satisfying present. Similarly to music, this option may not apply to everyone, but if you’re able to get a little info, or already know it, this is an excellent gift.

Those are five of our ideas. What about you? Any other gift ideas you’d like to share as we approaching the holidays? Let us know in the comments section below!

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