5 Smart Tips for Choosing Natural Slate Products Online

According to data from the National Stone Council, the United States remains one of the largest producers of slate, generating over 2.73 million tons in 2017. The fine-grained metamorphous rock is formed from compacting of clay and silt in prehistoric lakes. The resultant natural stone has two lines of breakability-grain and cleavage- which allow the rock to split in thin sheets.

The soft, uniformed composition makes it an excellent material choice for artisans, designers, and architects. You can mold the thin sheets to a variety of products, including urns, flooring and roofing tiles, or garden plaques. Finding a handcrafted spinning display may serve as a perfect personalized gift for your loved one.

With most artists making a switch to online businesses, you may enjoy the convenience of choosing an heirloom for your family from the comfort of your couch. However, it may come with the constant worry of picking out a piece of art without having to see it physically. Here are five tips to help you pick out slate plaques for your home.

1. Material Quality

You may need to verify the quality of slate used to make the garden plaques that you wish to put up in your home. The slate contains silicates, chlorites, illite, and quartz in its composition, with the grains compacted at high pressure. You may need to inquire where the artists source their slate for use on the urn you wish to have.

2. Color and Design

Just like any natural stone, slate contains the characteristic cleavage planes, which provide a dull, crystalline appearance. The color of the slate used may depend on the hue of the mudstone compacted during formation. Depending on the purpose of the end product, the artist can play around with the cleavage planes to design and engrave the product to your liking. Inquire about how many draft changes that you can make to the design.

3. Engraving Styles

The size of text on your memorial plaque may depend on a variety of factors. You may have to inquire about the font that you would wish to have on your wall plaque. The font size may end up affecting the size of the slate used to produce your personalized gift. Inquire about the technology that the vendor used to mold the soft-grained natural stone.

4. Site Security

The risk of cybersecurity continues to increase as more businesses make their switch online. You may need to ensure that the garden plaque supplier has the right protective measures in place to protect your personal information. It is important to confirm that the site is encrypted before ordering personalized family gifts for your home.

5. Reputation

You may need to work with an experienced vendor with a good standing within the local community. Go through the online catalog to assess the quality of their artistry. What do other clients say about their customer service? You may need to find a Slate shop that provides regular updates for your project.

Slate is an excellent natural stone material for your personalized gift or family heirloom. Are you ready to pick out the right gardening plaques for your home?

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