7 Mens Fashion Trends to Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Womens wooden watches

The warmer seasons are heading our way and it’s time for us to prepare our wardrobes for them. That means, it’s time for us to put our heavy jackets away and to bring out the shorts and wood watches for men. That’s right guys, its time for us to get our fashion in gear to impress this spring and summer. Here are 7 different trends and accessories to help you stay and look cool during the warmer months.

  1. Shorts
    The first piece of clothing you must have are of course shorts. You’ve got to make sure that you have shorts around in order to stay stylish while also feeling comfortable in the heat. While the runway in Paris is showing of mens short-shorts, you don’t have to go so far. Just find a nice pair that goes just above knee length and is preferable stretchy enough to make you feel cool all summer long.
  2. Hats
    That’s right, hats are always a great option for upping your dressing game. These could be anything from beanies to fedoras. You never know what can look good and will be considered fashionable. In fact, during the Paris Fashion Week, designers were most excited to display caps and bucket hats. If bucket hats can come back in style, you can rock anything.
  3. Sunglasses
    The next accessory to invest in are sunglasses. Sunglasses can up your style significantly and can give off different impressions based on the style. You could come off as mysterious, friendly, or trendy. Just make sure that you buy the style and brand of glasses that best works for your face. There are different kinds of glasses to buy depending on if you have a round, square, or oval face.
  4. Watches
    That’s right, dog may be man’s best friend, but the watch is the runner up. Watches are still stylish and important to a man’s fashion. In addition, there’s a great trend of wood watches for men going around. An all wood watch gives a man a style all his own. And when you go to buy your mens wood watches, you’ll find that there’s even womens wood watches too. You can buy one for your girlfriend or wife while you’re at it. Now you both can be in style with natural wood watches.
  5. Backpacks and Bags
    That’s right, not only are bucket hats and wood watches for men officially back in trend, but so too are backpacks. We’re not just talking the high end named brands too. While you do want to get a stylish and trendy looking bag, you can feel comfortable wearing your backpack and know that even the male models of Parish Fashion Week are rocking the same style.
  6. Raincoats
    This wardrobe choice is both in line with fashion trends and with the way our weather’s been acting lately. You can’t deny that the weather’s been all over lately. Since it’s still snowing and raining heavily out there, it’s best to go out and buy yourself some protection. Raincoats are both in with the fashion crowd in Paris and with the sensible people getting around in the changing weather.
  7. Colors and Patterns
    It’s also good to note the different styles, colors, and patterns that are trickling their way down from runway shows to your closet. Make sure to get a good amount of yellows and creams for your closet because those colors are being used a lot. They work great with the colors of the spring and summer seasons and also bounce off all the heat the sun’s blazing at you.

    In addition, go ahead and check out checkerboard and camouflage patterns. There patterns are nothing new and have been used by urban and artistic crowds for decades now. Adding on to their approval now are the fashion experts in major cities like Paris and London. So, if you want to have a wardrobe that either of those groups would agree on, get some camouflage and/or checkerboard patterned clothing now.

The warmer seasons are coming and that means its time to step up your clothing game. Whether it’s a new hat or wood watches for men, take there mens fashion trends and tips into consideration if you want to look your best this coming spring and summer.

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