A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Rechargeable or Disposable E Cigarettes

How to use an ecig

Are you new to vaping? If you’ve just begun using electronic cigarettes, or you’ve thought about making the switch, you probably have a lot of questions regarding these devices. One thing you may have noticed is the variety of “e cigs” available, with flavors like watermelon and coffee and all in different colors, too. But the most important factor in switching to e cigs is whether you would like rechargeable or disposable e cigarettes.

Just what is the difference between these two types of e cigs? Here is a brief breakdown of their differences below:

Disposable E Cigarettes

Disposable electronic cigarettes are “disposable” in that they are made for short term use only. However, they can often be recycled once you are finished with them, so you’re not producing electronic waste. Disposable e cigarettes often come in just tobacco or menthol flavors, though some brands may have other flavors, too. In order to use a disposable e cig, the user may have to push a button to inhale the vapor. Other models allow for automatic inhalation. One disposable e cig can last as long as an entire pack of cigarettes. Virtually all disposable e cigs are about the size and shape of a tobacco cigarette.

Rechargeable E Cigarettes

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are named so because they can be recharged through a USB port and/or wall charger — like a smartphone. The only maintenance they require besides charging is that they need their e liquid refilled from time to time. These devices may look like traditional cigarettes, but some of them are much larger to allow for greater e liquid storage or bigger batteries. This creates larger clouds of vapor for some users. While these devices may cost a bit more at start-up, they won’t require the use of a whole new device after a short time.

Ultimately, there are other factors that will determine which features you get with your e cig. Some brands will offer their devices in more colors and flavors. Others may only sell disposables or rechargeables. Be sure to experiment with different brands and devices until you find one that is perfect for you. Have more questions about vaping? Leave a comment below.

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