The Super Bowl May Be Over But Tee Shirt Frenzy Has Just Begun

T shirt screen printing

The big game is at last over. The Seattle Seahawks blew their shot at winning Superbowl XLIX with 20 seconds left on the clock, leaving Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots with the Vince Lombardi trophy, which means one of a few things: hastily made cheap custom tee shirts celebrating the winner.

Minutes after the nail-biting finish, shirt printers rushed off to begin unpacking, loading, printing, folding, and tagging cheap custom tees declaring the New England Patriots as Super Bowl XLIX’s winner.

One shirt company in Tempe, Arizona — just a half hour drive from the Super Bowl’s location in Phoenix — expected to print about 15,000 custom tees.

Another screen printer in Guilford, Connecticut expected to print some 10,000 custom tees as soon as the Super Bowl ended, and ship them to major retailers all across the state and the rest of New England.

The custom tees go on sale the Monday following the Super Bowl, just hours after the game ended.

More impressively, one store in Glenndale, Arizona was expected to open as soon as the game was over, with custom tees ready to be bought. A representative from the store said that while they did expect to have the custom tees on hand, they couldn’t guarantee it.

Online retailers, on the other hand, are already offering Super Bowl shirts.

In the past, many retailers would print up shirts saying both teams had won. They’d sell the correct shirts, and donate the others to charities, helping to clothe children in impoverished countries.

Nowadays, though, many retailers are choosing not to have the shirts held on stand by, because they don’t want to pay for any shirts they won’t use. As a result, less shirts are available this year.

That being said, the turnaround time — even if it’s lower than previous years — is still admirable, and fairly astounding.

Will you be buying a Super Bowl tee shirt now that the big game is over? If so, tell us in the comments! Good references.

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