All about Sea Glass Charm Designs and Their Incredible Beauty

Sea glass charms travel a long journey before they can turn into sea glass charm designs and become part of your jewelry collection. The sea glass is also known as mermaid tears or beach glass. This stunning glass is the creation of Mother Nature from trash thrown into the ocean. This broken glass is tumbled into the water and with time it is smoothened by the sand and waves. The glasses were disposed of many years ago when most things came in jars and glass bottles. Plastic containers and bottles have replaced all these.

Definition of Sea Glass
Sea glass is nothing more than the glass thrown away as garbage. For many years trash would be disposed into rivers, seas, lakes, and oceans but this changed when the world became ecologically aware of the dangers and harm caused by this practice. The glass in the trash has been broken, polished and beautifully smoothed. The small fragments of the glass become some treasure like pieces. They also have a gem-like look and it’s hard to differentiate authentic sea glass charm bits from the real gems.

Today, the sea glass charm has become rare as glass is recycled and replaced by plastic. However, jewelry designers get this gem at a good price; it’s cheaper than the real gems. Natural sea glass comes in different colors including white, brown and green. The least found color is orange with only 10,000 sea glasses found so far.
How Is The Sea Glass Charm Designs Formed?
Most bottles are brown and green; this includes beer and juice bottles. The white genuine sea glass jewelry is made from drinking glasses, mirrors, windshields and windows waste. You can also find sea glass charm designs in rosy pink, lime green, aqua, lavender, seafoam green and purple. The rarest colors are orange, cobalt blue and deep red; the red and orange may be from automotive lights, old bottles or stained window glasses. Cobalt blue is likely from some specialty bottles including jars and bottles such as Milk of Magnesia and Noxema bottles.

Some jewelers are making classy pieces of beach glass jewelry. It is beautiful that nature can turn waste into something so beautiful. They include sea glass earrings, anklets, ring, and pendant.

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