• The Era of Extensions

    Extensions have become a primary hair accessory to add to the appearance of a hairstyle. Their popularity is largely due to the various ways’ extensions can be used in different hairstyles and textures that make it a versatile product. There are many reasons why people decide to wear extensions, but the overall appearance is a primary factor to why many people choose to wear them. Statistics show that most people who choose to wear extensions suffer from severe hair loss or aiming for excessive hair growth, according to a poll conducted by Hairtrade.com nearly 38% of woman use hair extensions as part of their beauty routine, and an average of 68% reported they were unhappy with their hair. Women choosing to wear individual hair extensions has become more prominent in recent years. Although it first gained its mass popularity among the early 90s and 2000s trends, hair extensions solidified their impact in the beauty industry through the growth of social media—influencers were able to Continue Reading