• The Many Developments of Earrings, Piercings, and Tattoos

    Given the popularity of piercings today, earrings have fallen by the wayside to all of the other locations where Americans have those rings today. As of 2015, about 14% of Americans had piercings in a body location other than the ears, and it is quite interesting to think about all of the places that people have piercings today. Some piercings can be seen in the cheek, chin, nose, and many other spots all over the body. From bars to hoops and much more, there are many different types that can be gained at tattoo and piercing shops. Piercing and tattoos may simply be considered body art or artistic expression, but they are individually determined by those who make those choices.

    Body and Ear Piercings

    As a little girl, there is nothing more exciting than getting your ears pierced, with those first earrings. A coming-of-age for most girls, those earrings are a mark, Continue Reading